Here are some links to organizing for quality health care for all
and against the abuse of the health insurance industry, managed care and the HMOs.

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Beware Bush's Bogus Medicare Reform!

THE AMERICAN HEALTH SECURITY ACT OF 1999 Extension of Remarks by Hon. Jim McDermot, Rep. of Washington, speaking on HR 1200 - (March 18, 1999)
American Public Health Association APHA set universal health care as its top priority. See the Governing Council's resolution.
Bill Bradley's Health Care Proposals "Liberal" Democratic Presidential Candidate announced his hodgepodge answers to the "health care crisis" on 9/28/99. What if the press asked him this question?
Baltimore Social Resource Page by Douglas Dixon of Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County
Coalition for Universal Health Care See the Leaflet for their forum on 10/2/99. Contact Bob Rochlin, 301-588-4157. See & fill out their Questionnaire. Minutes
Consumer Information on Healthcare  
DC Health Care Now (Part of Health Care Now Coalition)

A Project of the Center for Community Change, 1000 Wisc. Ave., NW, WDC Contact Howard Croft, Coordinator 202-339-9341 or staff person Agnes Chase at 202-289-2840 Other Contacts are Daniel Berry and Scott McLarty 202-518-5624

DC Hospitals at Washington Post  
DHHS Services Locator  
Edmund's Medical Pages  
Free or Cheap Medications Consumer Information
Free or Cheap Meds
Edmund Hayes Meds
Pharmaceutical Mfg.'s [Some links to Pharmaceuticals]
Form with samples (Doc)
Medicine Program (Doc)
Request Form A (Doc)
Request Form B (Doc)
Grass Roots Organizing for Welfare Leadership GROWL  
HB106 - UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE - Bland, Mary Actually, this is just one of many bills put forward around the US calling for Universal Health Care. Many are neither universal nor very caring. Some are comprehensive and others are fake health care. Send us good examples.
Heal DC on WPFW - Mondays! DONíT MISS... "Heal DC," a call-in show hosted by Joni Eisenberg, every Monday morning at 11:30 am on WPFW, 89.3 FM radio. Joni and guests cover all the different angles of health care and the lack thereof in DC.
Health Care Resources UCAN's resource pages.
Health Care 2001 Campaign

Health Care for All or the Health Care Now Coalition

This is the effort by the Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative. See the Lewin Report on Analysis of the Costs and Impact of Universal Health Care  on our web site or at HCA Lewin Report. Also see the Summary on our site and at HCA Lewin Summary
Health Care which includes everyone  
Just Health Care or Just Health Care! Fair & Teach - in - February 2000 Labor Party's Campaign for a truly just and workable health care system for all. JHC is a coalition dedicated to achieving a universal health care system in the US. Initiated by the DC Metro Area Labor Party, the coalition includes many groups involved in health care reform.
Just Health Care Coalition, Washington, D.C. Chapter. Washington Contacts; Maya O'Connor 202-636-0003, Chris Driscoll 301-942-0071, Liz Krainman 703-671-9383 Sponsors Include the Labor Party
Kensington Welfare Rights Union  
Let us know of any good additional links....  
Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative Promoting the Health Care for All effort.

Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative promoting the Health Care for All effort.

Press Release on Universal Health Care in Maryland! This campaign is seeking all groups and individuals to sign on. See their Resolution! A recent leaflet. Over 140 Organizations have signed on. Click to download document of latest signers.
Maryland Can Have Health Care for All!

The Lewin Study found that a "single payer" approach saved Maryland's health care system an overall $345.8! Summary and the Lewin Study

Maryland Energy Assistance Program  
Maryland Hospitals and Health Systems  
Maryland Regional, Co., Hospital Resources  
Northern VA Hospitals  
Medicare Threatened! In response to this October 25 New York Times editorial, friends of Medicare should write dissenting letters to the editor.
Montgomery County Department of Social Services 401 Hungerford Dr., 5th Floor, Rockville, MD 20850 240-777-1245
National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers

Their web site isn't working right, but here are some pages: Newsletter,  Articles, James T. Wrich on Managed Care (This is not his excellent article "Toward the Ideal Mental Health Care Coverage" which not only analyzes the costs of Managed Care, but suggests a workable model for Mental Health Care delivery. When I find this, I will post it if I can.) The mentally ill struggle through the maze of managed care

Patchwork Health Care Robert Kuttner get to put his Opinion on the presidential candidates healthcare proposals in the Washington Post, Tuesday, January 25, 2000; Page A19
Physicians for a National Health Program  
PNHP Student Home Page  
Shady Grove Hospital Doctors Warn of Staff Shortage! "Robert S. Rochlin" cited this Washington Post article, showing that "the growing shortage of skilled nurses in many hospitals, due largely to financial pressures from insurance corporations, is one more example of the need to fix our broken health care system." Wash. Post.
Single Payer Bill We need examples.
Single-Payer Health Care System  
Social Security This is the main web page for Social Security 800-772-1213
Social Services in the Metro DC Area This is a draft table. We need your help to add to and improve it. Check it out!
Social Welfare Action Alliance SWAA  
UE Policy 1998-99: Fight for National Health Care for All  
UHCAN! Home Page U2K The Universal Health Care 2000 Campaign This campaign was founded Oct. 1999 by UHCAN, the Gray Pathers and the National Council of Churches. It now includes 350 endorsing organizations and thousands of individuals. Background
US Health Care Debate Yahoo! has a general page of links on the Health Care debate in the US

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