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Walter Teague, 11/07/2006

? Does it make sense to work on reducing “global warming,” but ignore the rapidly approaching climate catastrophes? And how much time do we really have? What it will take to avoid the many irreversible“tipping points”? And most important, can we mobilize to do what it will take before these deadlines? And if we fail, won’t an irreversible climate catastrophe make our current, best environmental efforts relatively worthless?

? Don’t you agree that without serious leadership calling for prevention - clarifying what must be done and by when - our anti global warming efforts will probably turn out to be too little, too late!

? So why is it, as growing scientific evidence predicts drastic and irreparable consequences from climate catastrophes, our leaders talk about everything but prevention? Are we all in a suicidal collective State of Denial?

Instead of using the cloudy term "Global Warming," we need a worldwide focus on preventing coming Catastrophic Climate Changes (C3).

  • We need a growing worldwide call to prevent catastrophic climate change.
  • We need to know the deadlines and what is needed to meet them.
  • Based on the best science available, a worldwide plan must be developed.
  • Leaders must speak up, give direction and take all necessary actions.
  • And we the people, will need to know if we are succeeding!

Finally, mainstream media has admitted we face a climate “crisis” and that it will take great will and sacrifice to even reduce the extinction of species from 60% to just 30%!1 On 10/20/06 at the EU summit in Lahti, Finland, Tony Blair warned “that the world will reach ‘catastrophic tipping points’ on climate change within 15 years, unless serious action is taken to tackle global warming.”2 The growing scientific evidence shows we face not some Teddy Bear like “global warming” which we could adjust to, but such vast and prolonged damage to our seas, food supply, world economies and the death of millions, that it will make irrelevant all our current efforts to maintain and improve life. If we ignore the evidence and delay our collective response, we face a global climate change with unimaginable consequences!

And yet, most world leaders are not making a clear, concerted call for prevention of these increasingly predicted catastrophes. Few people heard President Fidel Castro's warning on 10/30/06, referring to the climate crisis, "I feel the obligation - as we all should - to make a special effort to avert a fatal 'catástrofe' for humanity."8 Even now, no leader or group is making it clear to the world’s people what we must do and by what deadline if we are to successfully prevent this Catastrophic Climate Change!

Some scientists say it is already too late, but considering even the most minimal consequences of failure, to continue to ignore prevention is not a rational option. So then why isn't prevention the main agenda?

Mother Jones magazine compared the danger to 12 asteroids on collision course, any one of which could devastate earth. How would we react if even one of these was going to hit us in 10 years, destroying cities, killing millions and threatening our very survival, wouldn't we mobilize the world to divert it? We need to such a clear targeted threat and deadline to force us to act in time.10

So can we afford this collective avoidance and denial? Are we, lemming like, accepting catastrophe as inevitable and because we don’t want to think about how bad it will be, avoiding even trying to prevent it from happening?

The optimists Al Gore, Clinton, and many citizen’s movements, are now joined by economists,3-6,9 who focus on the costs and need for reducing “global warming,” but are still all fuzzy on deadlines or what we must do to really meet them. And again, they almost never speak of prevention. And because Gore, Clinton and most other leaders are still not calling for a commitment to prevention, nor clarifying what it would take, most of the world trails passively behind.


  • So while we may still have a chance, we must all demand that the scientists, politicians, rational folk and anyone who wants humanity to have a viable future, commit to and work for prevention of these catastrophes. Anything less may turn out to be futile.7
  • Imagine how we will be judged if we could have, but didn't prevent these catastrophes; because no one pointed out in time, what had to be done – and by when. And by our ignoring both hindsight and foresight, we were too late with too little! Who would be most guilty if we fail to meet this challenge?11
  • We must stop using the cloudy term “Global Warming” and instead make the clear call for prevention of the coming Catastrophic Climate Changes !


  • We need a growing worldwide call to prevent the catastrophes.
  • We need to know the deadlines and what is needed to meet them.
  • Based on the best science available, a worldwide plan must be developed.
  • Leaders must speak up, give direction and take all necessary actions.
  • And we the people, need to know if we are succeeding.

Also see proposals to CCDS:
Prevent CCC, adopted 12/06/2006.
Need Leadership to prevent Catastrophic Climate Change, adopted 07/24/2009.


Prepared by:
Walter Teague
11/07/2006, 3/16/08

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