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SWAA is a national organization of social welfare workers, organizers and those needing social services. Both individuals and organizations can join. For example, active in SWAA are many progressive social workers and welfare recipient organizations such as the Kensington Welfare Rights Union. http://www.kwru.org/ The aims are to provide a organization united around people's needs and:

"committed to social, political, and economic justice, peace, and alliance building with others working for fundamental change in existing class, racial and gender hierarchies."

This is a mouthful, but it means bringing workers in welfare agencies and other professionals into an organization that is concerned with, contributed to and co-led by the the people needing and receiving social services. That is worth doing not only because it addresses reality in an honest and radical way, but because it can help bring about meaningful, relevant, and progressive change."

In light of the fact that funding for TANF expires in September 2002, SWAA has launched a national Teach-In Campaign targeted to ending poverty not welfare. The series of teach-ins replaces the SWAA national conference for 2002. Since the internet has become a powerful source of information and a useful organizing tool, SWAA compiled but has not screened, this organizer's GUIDE TO INTERNET RESOURCES.

If you are in the Metro DC area and this interests you, come to our next meeting..... Elsewhere check out the national SWAA page for other chapters.

DC SWAA's Statement on the 9/11 Tragedy and dangers to come.

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DC - Social Welfare Action Alliance Mission Statement

The Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA) (formerly known as the Bertha Capen Reynolds Society) is an organization focused on liberating social and human services -- fundamental economic human rights! SWAA works to build alliances between people who deserve these services and social welfare workers and organizers. SWAA has state and local chapters, publishes a newsletter, and holds an annual conference.

If you know someone who is active or not yet burned out by all the social ills, who might want to participate in this work, let them know. Urge them to get involved. Some leaflets, Photos and other materials on SWAA and related work:

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