As Part of Healing the Wounds of War

Join us in welcoming the Vietnamese survivors:



7 PM

Monday  11/28/05

Washington Peace Center [Photos]

1426 9th St., NW

Washington, DC 20001

Veterans can join the Vietnamese at The Wall, 10 AM 11/28/05
For information on other events 11/25 through 11/28/05
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Visa denied by the US government.


Dang  Thi Hong Nhut

From Hồ Chí Minh City who suffered multiple miscarriages due to exposure to Agent Orange in 1965.

Dr Nguyen Trong Nhan

Former President of the Vietnam Red Cross, representing the Vietnam Ass’n for Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin.

Nguyen Muoi

Son of an ARVN veteran from Huế who suffers from spina bifida as a result of his father’s exposure to dioxin in 1970’s.

Ho Sy Hai

Veteran army truck driver from Thái B́nh who suffers from chronic hepatitis, prostate cancer, ulcers, enterolitis,… after exposure to Agent Orange.

Endorsed by (partial alphabetic list):

Black Radical Congress ▪ Citizen Soldier ▪ International Action Center ▪ United for Peace & Justice ▪ Veterans For Peace ▪ Vietnam Veterans Against the War ▪

Sponsored by the
Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign
P O Box 303 • Prince St • New York • NY • 10012-0006