"Urgent: A Living Wage for Everyone Who Works"
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Recent Living Wage Struggles!
After much hard work, the Living Wage was scheduled to become law in Montgomery County, Maryland. Then business interests successfully black mailed and at least temporarily defeated the Living Wage laws. The most recent local Living Wage effort is in Northern Virginia, just South of D.C. where a local Living Wage ordinance was passed. I will add information shortly. There has been some positive TV coverage.
Maryland, Prince George County Gazette Progressive Maryland has a Living Wage Coordinator: Mona Langston
Virginia, Alexandria ATU Local 689 This local joins the fight for the Living Wage in Alexandria, VA
Virginia Inside UVA Online Living Wage commentary at University of Virginia
Virginia The Labor Action Group The Living Wage Campaign at the University of Virginia
Virginia Livable Wage and Labor issues in Virginia Tidewater Labor Support Committee
Virginia Living Wage Struggle in Virginia - in Spanish  
Other Cities Minimum Wages Are Being Set, City by City NY Times, Nov. 19, 1999 article by By Louis Uchitelle

Compare these attacks on the living wage (as excessively hard
on big businesses!) with Congress' planned tax breaks for the rich! at:

Business Gets Big Breaks in Tax Bills (Particularly check out "The Big Winners" section.)
Rightwing views on Living Wage Fact & Fallacy: The Unintended Consequences of "Living Wages" by Employment Policy Foundation. (On our site) Graph (Graph On our site)

DC and National Living Wage Links:

ACORNís Living Wage Web Site & Links ACORN's Living Wage page is excellent. Check it out. Includes lists of current Living Wage laws, etc.
AFSCME Living Wage Map Go and see what's happening in your state.
ATU Local 689: Political Action Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 Metro DC
Austin TX Austin TX, Living Wage Coalition
Australian Living Wage Campaign  
Baltimore's Living Wage Law Analysis of Baltimore's Living Wage Law
Living Wage Enacted & Proposed Initiatives Employment Policies Institute lists enacted and proposed initiatives here.
Labornotes on the Living Wage July 1999 Labornotes article on the Living Wage
LatinoLink A Living Wage? Shame on Congress
The Leading Edge published by Citizens' Agenda for Maryland; nonprofit, grass roots organization, advancing progressive policies, real democracy, a fair economy, and livable communities. Information or call 410.560.7450
Living Wage Map AFSCME
Living Wage Successes ACORN compiles a list of "Living Wage Policies on the Books."
New Party Living Wage Page  
Progressive Montgomery An affiliate of the New Party, campaigning for a Livable Wage
San Francisco Living Wage Coalition They also have a good list of Living Wage links. (Not working now. Do a search. Their old links list is on this site.Living Wage links.)
Summary of Research on the Living Wage  
The Living Wage The New Party
The Next Step -- The New Minimum Wage Proposal and the Old Opposition The Economic Policy Institute analyzed the minimum wage. Also check out their "charts."
What is a Living Wage? Living wage needed in Marin Co., CA
Google's Living Wage Links Google's Living Wage links page.

Living Wage Links

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