January 20th (2001) Counter-inaugural Protest Demonstration Links
For 2005...

Many different demonstrations are being organized. Use these links to find others!

Here are some of the many demonstration sites in Washington on the 20th. Check the links below for more.

1. Million Voter March
Dupont Circle, NW
10:00 am on....
2. NOW

Navy Memorial (Penn. Ave., 8th to 9th St's NW)

10:30 am to 2:30 pm
3. International Action Center & Mumia support organizations. Freedom Plaza (14th & Penn. Ave. NW)
Justice Dept. (Penn. Ave., 8th to 9th St's NW)

McPherson Sq. (15th and I St. NW)
10:00 am on....
4. Counter-Inaugural Rally DC Statehood Green will meet here and will march from: Stanton Park (6th and Maryland Ave., NE) to the Supreme Court! 10:00 am
5. J20.org JAM's InauguralAuction

JAM's Welcome Packet, maps, calendar etc. of Counter-Inaugural Events
on our site.

      Updated 1/18/2001
Other Organization's Links
Alliance for Democracy .
CounterCoup.org  Many links  
Nationwide Actions Page  
NOW NOW meeting at the Navy Memorial, Penn. Ave. between 8 & 9 th St's, NW at 10:30 am. to 2:30 pm
Oral Majority Florida Fights Back! No More Bushit!  
Pro-Democracy Campaign   Resources  
VoterMarch.org Setting up a speakers stage at Dupont Circle, NW DC 10 am on...
Call to Action Leaflet (MS Word Version of Leaflet)

Or J20.org

(They will be announcing their locations on their web sites.)

Welcome Packet!!!!!

Calendar of Events! and Events
Contacts & Working Groups
Getting Involved - Meetings & Activities
News about the Counter-Inaugural
Protest News
Counter Inaugural Leaflet - IAC
Organizing a protest at Penn. Ave. and 14th St., NW Wash. DC.
January 20th Press Release - IAC
J20 Organizing Centers - IAC
Mumia2000.org Meeting with IAC at 14th St., NW Wash. DC.
Organizing Tools for Counter-Inaugural and Free Mumia Demonstration
Sign-up to Join and Build the Counter-Inaugural & Protest for Mumia
Articles and Information
BuzzFlash.com News Links on Bush, the elections, legislation

Handy Guide to J20-dc Inaugurations Protests

Independent Progressive Network
Local Organziers and Groups (One of several lists)
Mumia Posters
News - Independent Media Center Wash. DC
Online Journal "News of, by and for the people"
Posters to download and print out!

Washington Post 12/21/2000 article on the InaugurAuction

If you know of other important links related to building the Counter-Inaugural Demonstratons, please sent them to Webmaster@redandgreen.org